Smoking Cessation

Would you like to quit smoking for good? 
Well, you can with hypnotherapy.  I’m not going to try to convince you that this will be ‘easy’, but, compared with other methods of trying to ‘quit smoking’ then hypnosis is by far the most effective method of ‘quitting’. 

Let’s look at the facts
The use of hypnosis for stopping smoking is scientifically proven to be more effective than any other therapy and is 100% totally safe.  New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective methods of quitting smoking.  Statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies (over 72,000 individual cases) showed that hypnotherapy increased a smoker’s success chance by ten-fold (1000%) from 6% to 60%.

These results showed the following:
60% - Single session of hypnotherapy
24% - Acupuncture
10% - Nicotine replacement therapy
6% - Willpower alone
It is also interesting to know
Hypnotherapy has been approved for use by the UK Government and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).  Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is also an independently researched and proven therapy, similarly approved by NICE. 
So, quite simply put; the integration of these two clinically approved therapies ‘Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy’ can give you the best possible chance ever to truly believe that you CAN and WILL quit that smoking habit for good!

How does this work? 
My knowledge, experience and support will help you make the changes required to ensure that you can ‘quit’ and remain ‘stopped’ for good.
The use of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy offers a modern, scientific approach to therapy which can positively influence your emotional thought patterns and behaviours regarding your smoking habits.  These unwanted thoughts and behavioural patterns are literally ‘cleared away’ from your thought processes; this is then followed-up with integrated techniques to retrain the brain.  Lastly and reassuringly; the inclusion of positive suggestion therapy will ensure that those little worries like ‘picking at nibbles’ and ‘weight gain’ will not become an issue.
Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is a quick and easy process.  In most cases one session is all that is required, with a further three weeks of listening to a hypnotherapy recording to help embed the changes following the hypnotherapy session. 
What could possibly be simpler than this!

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