Hypnotherapy FAQ'S

What does hypnotherapy feel like?
This really differs from person to person and sometimes varies each time that you are hypnotised.  Many state that it's the most relaxed that they have ever felt and at the same time they feel really alert and aware of everything around them.  You may feel a sense of weightlessness, a floating sensation, or even heaviness as your muscles begin to relax.  In most cases you will generally feel that; stress levels have drooped and confidence levels have rise and you will have an overall feeling of general wellbeing.

How many sessions will I need?
This really is dependent upon the type of condition that you have.  Smoking is successful after just one single session, although, I personally prefer to perform a follow up-session.  Conditions which are more complex such as; 'phobia's or a 'profound fear' generally take longer and could take between 2-4 sessions.
How long will the session last
Your first session will last approximately 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions will generally last between 60-75 minutes, but is dependent upon each individual client.
Please note: Each session is tailored to the unique needs of each client, therefore, session times may vary accordingly.
Will I still be in full control?
Whenever you enter into a hypnotic trance you are still fully in control and you definitely cannot be  make to do anything that you would not normally do.  In fact, you could quite easily get up and walk out if you really wanted to do so.
Will everything be confidential?
You need have no doubt that all sessions will be conducted in the strictest of confidence.  There may be an occasion when the therapist may have concerns relating to certain medical conditions and may need to contact your GP for advice prior to commencement of the treatment.  All therapists are trustworthy and competent, maintain a high level of professionalism and abide by a strict code of ethics.
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